This is a very important subject. The decision on who makes Idaho's best cookie is not something you want to get wrong. However, there is a big disagreement right now as to where the best source of Idaho cookie goodness comes from.

I thought I knew what Idaho's best cookie was when I saw a website called "Insider" that said the best Idaho cookie came from Hailey. According to them, Jersey Girl makes chocolate chip cookies to die for. Awesome.

But, a new challenger has arisen. Good Housekeeping has just unleashed their "Most Delicious Cookies By State" list and they declared the "Party in my mouth" cookie from the Cocoa Bean as the best. (Note: my momma always told me that if someone says they want a party in your mouth, you say no)

What gives? It has to be one or the other. In my opinion, both got this totally wrong. But, who cares what I think? You tell me. Idaho's best cookie is? (Feel free to add your own answer. I know I would.)

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