Now that temperatures in the Magic Valley have dipped substantially, and the people of southern Idaho are prepping for a long, chilly winter, I began to wonder what Twin Falls' "go-to" cold weather whiskey is. I placed a call to the one man who knows more about these area trends than anyone.

I'm not a big whiskey drinker, but when December hits, we tend to pick up a few bottles and indulge more frequently than in other times of the year. One I'm particularly enjoying right now is made in Portland, Oregon, and it's called "Redneck Riviera."

Greg Jannetta (I know...the poster rocks)

I think I paid somewhere in the vicinity of $25, so it's one of the more low-end whiskeys price-wise. Its got hints of vanilla in it, and the majority of people (my wife excluded) that I've sipped it with have liked it. It doesn't rev up the old acid reflux like many whiskies tend to do.

I called Idaho Chief Financial Officer Tony Faraca the other day. I asked him what, specifically, sells the best in southern Idaho during the coldest months. What are the hunters and outdoor winter enthusiasts in the area packing with them when they head to higher elevations. He gave me some information on whiskey sales in southern Idaho for the months of November through February.

"Crown Royal is the big seller. Fireball sales top them all when you're talking about year around sales," said Faraca. "It out sells Jack Daniels."

Fireball? Really? Apparently, the cinnamon-infused liquor didn't die back in 2013 like I thought it had. I remember everyone was drinking it years ago, and the love affair continues, according to the CFO.

Here are the top five best sellers for southern Idaho in the cold months:

1. Fireball (year around sales)

2. Crown Royal (Nov-Feb)

3. Pendleton (Nov-Feb)

4. Jack Daniels (Nov-Feb)

5. Black Velvet (Nov-Feb)

Southern Idaho should turn in its collective man-card on this one.

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