For anyone who watched the Vegas Bowl this past Saturday, it should have been obvious to most that just minutes into the game, the Boise State Broncos were the far superior football program. Part of a coach's duty, in my opinion, is to instill sportsmanship in his players, and when proper credit is not given to an opposing team following a loss, I think it reflects poorly on the team as a whole.

Post game interviews, as pointless as they are, are still part of any sports team's responsibility. If for nothing else, it's a good platform for coaches and players to show good sportsmanship, and be gracious regardless of the game's outcome.

I think Mario Cristobal, the University of Oregon's head football coach, could have conducted himself better when addressing media following Saturday's loss. The final score, which was 38-28, made the game appear closer than it really was. This was not a close game, it was a complete rout. The Boise State Broncos manhandled the University of Oregon, plain and simple.

It was three minutes into this interview before the Bronco's effort was even acknowledged, and it wasn't even the coach who did it.The Bronco's defense was outstanding, particularly in the first half.

When reporters asked Cristobal questions about the loss, I think the first words out of his mouth should have had something to do with the play of Boise State's defense. I applaud Tyree Robinson, the University of Oregon's cornerback, for giving credit to Boise State's play. I just would have preferred it came from coach Cristobal's mouth.

Maybe it was a combination of shock and disappointment on the part of Oregon's coach, which is understandable, but you still have to remember to give credit where credit is due. Instead of Cristobal commenting about things his team did poorly, I just would have liked to see some praise for Boise's performance.

I'll let you be the judge on whether or not this post game interview should have been handled differently. Congratulations to the Boise State Broncos on their win, and on having a great year. You earned it.

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