As we begin seeing 2021 Fourth Of July fireworks stands being placed throughout locations in the Magic Valley, I was reminded over the weekend about last year's celebration, which was pretty epic as far as my neighborhood was concerned.

Fourth of July last year came about five months or so into the country beginning to really witness the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our celebration was strange to say the least. We gathered at the same home of one of my wife's family members, ate some food, and spent over an hour lighting off fireworks of various shapes and sizes.

I remember hearing fireworks going off the entire week leading up to the holiday, and even a few days following the fourth. We were treated to some great displays that we watched from our backyard. It appeared people really needed to blow off not only fireworks, but steam as well.

I remember heading home from the 2020 Idaho Regatta after getting some pictures for a story I was going write. My longtime friend and I stopped off the highway at a stand on our way back to Twin Falls. Combined, we must have spent about $200. My buddy Chris bought a 220 shot Amazing Ballet box, which ran about $150 alone. I still have the thing sitting in storage, and can't wait for the day I get to spark that bad boy.

Greg Jannetta

While out and about, I noticed one stand being prepped in the Tomato's parking lot, just across the street from Lowe's. While we don't traditionally see these stands being staffed until 10 days or so before the holiday, it's still pretty exciting to think that day is approaching.

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Fireworks stand near Twin Falls' Tomato's: Greg Jannetta

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