I'm sure there are a lot of you that travel to other states and size them up on the inhospitable scale based on your brief personal experience while staying there. It doesn't always mean you're wrong.

I think it's safe to say that a good percentage of us consider our home states to be the greatest in the country. I know people that have never traveled outside their own state lines, but have somehow formed opinions on certain parts of the United States based on what other people tell them. I can't relate to people who speak badly of their home state, nor will I ever refer to a state other than the one I was born in as truly "home."

I'm the same way when it comes to favorite sports teams. When my hockey, baseball, or football team (I don't watch basketball any longer due to the theatrics and egos) gets eliminated from championship contention, I don't change hats or cast a bogus loyalty toward other franchises or states. This behavior makes my skin crawl. I've lived and paid taxes in two states my entire life, so that gives me the right to have an opinion about both.

When visiting a new state, I've found that the best practice is to be as courteous as you can, and if you enjoyed your time there for the most part, well then don't return home and trash it simply because everyone around you does. Let people form their own opinions, because a lot of us care greatly about where we grew up, and will defend it to the end. It's okay to speak up and defend people from other states. We are all AMERICANS.

This is why the populations of the states that made BGR's rudest list should just laugh off this so-called data. By the way, the two states I mentioned earlier that I've lived in, BOTH made this list. I'll be fine, because I have fondness for both. Only one is "home" though.

Here are BGR's most rude states:

1. New York

2. Virginia

3. Washington

4. Iowa

5. Alaska

6. Utah

7. Massachusettes

8. Rhode Island

9. California

10. Idaho

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