For many of us, once our paychecks are deposited into our bank accounts, there isn't exactly a deluge of extra cash leftover once you've subtracted the amount it's gonna take to cover that stack of bills. A recent national survey puts Idaho in the top 20 as far as residents being strapped for cash after payday.

I'll admit, my financial situation improves greatly with my mid-month paycheck, but as far as the first of the month, forget about it. Dual incomes are saving many Americans from being on the brink of indigence.

A recent report on, puts Idaho at 19th on the list of states where people are likely to live paycheck to paycheck. The median household income in Idaho is approximately $1800 per paycheck, according to the June, 2018, findings.

As far as how much cash I usually have on me on any given day, more times than not, my wallet is empty. In my case, I only carry cash one me if I'm traveling out of state, and will be in an unfamiliar location. It reduces the chances of me running into a financial dilemma due to not having banking access. And, I'll admit, after rent and my early month bills are paid, there isn't a lot left over either.

According to a recent US Bank Survey, almost 25% of Americans have less than $10 in their wallets/purses on most days. I have $16 in my wallet at this very moment, which when you factor in two kids, a gas-guzzling automobile and a vicious fast food habit, I'm feeling pretty good about my self right now.

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