For anyone that might have the extra space to accommodate a larger sized dog, a Heyburn pet owner is physically unable to care for the family's 1 1/2-year-old Huskie.

My friend Chris owned a Huskie years back, and I remember marveling at the animal's beauty every time I passed by. They are such loyal, energetic, magnificent dogs, and do require some running around space.

I recently came across a listing from Tuesday ( February 16, 2021) on the "Free" section of Craigslist having to do with southern Idaho listings. A male, one-year-old Huskie, is needing to be re-homed because of an unfortunate situation in which the owner can no longer provide adequate care for the animal.


The city of Heyburn is located 40 miles east of Twin Falls. According to the listing, the animal can be picked up at no charge. It's also described as "very loving, and needs a little work," in the post. The current owner is also asking that anyone who considers bringing the dog into their family to please have space enough for the dog to exercise.

The current owner is also seeking an interested party who can adopt the dog sooner than later. The post ID number is 7278443921. You can respond to the owner by clicking the "reply" link in the upper left corner of the Craigslist page if you have an interest in taking over ownership of the dog.

Remember, it's always a good idea to make contact with individuals on Craigslist to verify information. The site has had problems with scammers targeting respondents. Never give credit card or banking information to an unknown party on the site. 

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