If your week has been hectic and stressful, I might be able to help you out. There's a new time-lapse video of the City of Rocks that might just help you mellow out for the weekend.

There's only one problem with this video. It's only 16 seconds long. That's not a lot of stress relief.

The City of Rocks is the one Southern Idaho destination that I haven't been to, yet. I tried, but let's not tell that story again.

It's more than worth the trip. If you check out the 'things to do' at City of Rocks from the National Park Service website, you'll notice some of the following possibilities: climbing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, photography, hunting and mountain biking.

This is a good time of year to make the City of Rocks trip. I would recommend that instead of watching the video above repeatedly. The fact that it's only 16 seconds long is starting to stress me out.

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